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SOS Labour has a large pool of English speaking workers with very good skills, work ethics and behavior. Our processing time after receiving job offer letters and the Labour Market Opinion is 6-8 weeks. SOS Labour works in collaboration with the Prosperity and Integrity Colleges, which are part of the Channels of Blessings Global Ministry of Ghana. Prosperity and Integrity Colleges prepare and train African workers for the rigors and strict work ethics of employment abroad, in four developmental areas: spiritual, personal and working skills, humanitarian work and holistic wellness.

In its collaboration with Channels, SOS Labour supports the humanitarian works of Channels of Blessings, which include the NekoTech Center (training in the Health, Education and Technology sectors), the “Save a Million Lives” HIV/AIDS Project and the “Orphans of Hope” orphanage, which cares for over 850 orphaned children. These projects are also supported by international stars like the late Isaac Hayes, Steven Seagal, Denzel Washington, Tom Cruise, Nancy Cartwright and several prominent U.S. politicians and ministers of the Gospel.




English Speaking Tradesmen


Kwabena Darko - Alberta, Canada

I was a steel bender in Ghana making $100 dollars a month. Now I'm working with a building construction company in British Columbia, Canada, on a two-year contract earning over $4,000 per month! | Read more

Clement Abban Doku - Alberta, Canada

Clement Doku took part in a recruitment exercise that attracted 160 Ghanaian steel benders in response to a request SOS Labour for 100 ..... | Read more

Godfred Awitor - British Columbia, Canada

Godfred Awitor was among a group of 5 Ghanaian steel benders who were supposed to go and work in British Columbia..... | Read more