The application process involves submitting an application to SOS Labour, and documentation proving identity, educational background and work experience. Any worker, whether skilled or unskilled, may apply to SOS Labour for job placement abroad. However, SOS Labour prefers for its applicants to have life skills and work ethic training to prepare them for success in their jobs. Workers who wish to be better prepared for the strict work ethics of work overseas may take advantage of the training offered by the Prosperity and Integrity Colleges of The Channels of Blessings Global Ministry (COBGM).


Workers who do take advantage of the training at COBGM will have the advantage of getting assistance in assembling required documentation, and SOS Labour will have the confidence that their documents have been thoroughly vetted for genuineness. SOS Labour accepts only genuine applicants with genuine documents. SOS Labour vets each applicant based on their education and experience, and tries to locate a job overseas that fits the applicant's skills, working directly with the overseas employer to ensure proper placement.


Applicants are assisted by SOS Labour to submit the necessary documentation to prospective employers overseas, and to go through an interview with the employer. Applicants who are offered positions by overseas employers are assisted by SOS Labour to submit required documentation in order to meet the labour and immigration requirements of that country. SOS Labour also assists applicants in making their travel arrangements once they are successful in obtaining a work visa.


SOS Labour does not charge any fees for its job placement services to the workers. SOS Labour negotiates with the overseas employers to take a fee from them for the services it renders them in recruiting the workers.




English Speaking Tradesmen


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